Block Magazine
For all of you who have heard about Missouri Star Quilt Company, they will know about the Block magazine. We would like to let you know that we are now stocking this brilliant magazine.
Last year (April 2019) I had the privilege of visiting this wonderful town of Hamilton…Home of Missouri Star Quilt Company. This was created by an incredible woman Jenny Doan.
I was fortunate to attend a trunk show that Jenny was holding in the town hall at the time of our visit. I was in awe.

We spent 3 days in Hamilton visiting all of the shops ( the entire main street of the town is made up of quilt shops. The staff are amazing and couldn’t do enough to help. I came across the Block magazine and was hooked.

In true Jenny style, her patterns in the book are all easy and using all pre cuts which makes our lives easy, not to mention getting a job done quick.

I purchased a number of these issues and decided when I returned to Australia that I would love to share this with my customers. It is a bi-monthly edition and packed with patterns and stories.

You will love it.

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